The deep web; the dark side of the internet and Sexual Predators

Your online dating profile is a lot like a resume, but with selfies. After some careful editing, you might find yourself attracting new matches online. Stay away from the following words when describing yourself in your online profile so you don’t attract or become an unwanted virtual creep. You might be an authentically kind person, but the term nice has dark connotations in the world of online dating. Self-proclaimed nice guys on the internet have a reputation for passive aggression and entitlement. Ironically, some nice guys have a tendency to become rude or bitter when banished to the friend zone.

Dimple Kapadia Talked About Nana Patekar’s Dark Side In A Throwback Interview, Said He’s Obnoxious

Quotes “I’ve been to war [sic]. If I had a choice, I’d rather go to war. It means what these words say, for starters.

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No one hangs up their shoes or cleats, rackets, helmets, bats, swim caps or leotards without having spent considerable time nursing injuries, be they broken bones, concussions, torn muscles or just general wear and tear. They train hard, usually from a very young age, they dedicate their lives to competing and they’ll spend every day after turning 30 fighting the notion that they’re “past their prime. Which means, basically, that to call them “women” half the time is a stretch. Or they certainly started out as girls.

They’re phenomenal athletes, possessors of a physical strength and mental fortitude that most mere mortals can only look up to. But at the end of the day, they’re kids, competing for a handful of spots that open up every four years for their sport’s biggest stage—the Summer Olympics—and running themselves ragged in between for regional, national and international competition.

There’s also a choice to be made when it comes to remaining eligible to compete in college and going pro.

The Dark Side of Internet Dating

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A young backpacker has become the latest tourist found dead on Thailand’s notorious ‘death island’ Image: Could not subscribe, try again laterInvalid Email With crystal clear water and stunning greenery, the Thai island of Koh Tao is seen as a backpacker haven. But behind paradise lies a grubby underbelly where, according to one report , there are “enough suspicious disappearances to warrant the island its own CSI franchise”. Dubbed ‘Death Island’, the illusion of a safe haven has since shattered following the brutal deaths of a number of tourists.

On tiny Koh Tao, there are some 2, expats alongside the 2, registered Thais, according to Mayor Chaiyan Turasakul. Most are running guesthouses, eateries and scuba-diving operations or working as diving instructors. And insecure residency tends to breed compliance. Complaining about wrongdoing may invite official questions and demands for passports and documentation. Hannah was also revelling in her time staying at Sairee Beach with another group of travelling companions.

But it was in this idyllic setting that their horribly bludgeoned bodies were discovered, their blood seeping into the sand and staining the water. Then came a stumbling police investigation, speculation about a cover-up to protect a prominent local family, the alleged framing and torture of two young Burmese migrant workers, questions about the handling of key forensic evidence and the controversial observer role of Metropolitan Police officers alongside Thai investigators.

Barcroft Revealed on Thursday, Elise Dallemange, 30, was found dead in the jungle on the island in April, having been half-eaten by lizards, eight days after she said she was leaving to return to her native home in Belgium. Thai police claim Elise hung herself – but her devastated mother does not believe them, and thinks somebody else was involved.


She decided to share snaps online showing her figure before and after taking part in a bikini contest to highlight when she was ‘addicted’ before and then afterwards ‘in control’. The London model says she is happier now she is not’ counting every calorie’ She added: Not only has my body changed but my mindset has shifted so so much. So, next time you’re working out, think to yourself, am I doing this just to look good or to feel good too?

It’s a lifestyle for people but it’s not healthy.

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First Person – Male Rating: Jaxson Jax Wheeler had a penchant for beautiful things. When he saw something he wanted, he had to own it no matter what. Besides his obsession, his only other love was his daughter Rowan. But she turned into a woman in a blink of an eye and he must protect her from the wolves while pursuing his own desires. Jax was not a good man and I love him for it.

Sex, drugs and self-destruction: The dark side of George Michael he couldn’t fight

In a video posted before his attack, Mr. Rodger, before his shooting rampage and suicide, was known to post on at least one incel message board, online communities almost entirely made up of men who blame society for their inability to find a partner. Now, many such communities idolize him.

Bitcoin Scams on Social Media: The Dark Side of Digital Currency Earlier this month, the price of a single Bitcoin eclipsed the price of an ounce of gold for the first time ever. This news, coupled with the exploding adoption of its underlying technology – blockchain – beyond the financial world, is attracting a new flock of clientele.

Predictably, CNN hated it. The editors hacked it to pieces and asked me to rewrite sections to make it less gloomy. I did that for the sake of narrative and space. The schedule said 11AM. Floor-to-ceiling windows look out over a rooftop lagoon with the sunny reflective skyline of Bangkok draped behind, 19 floors up.

But as with every group, there are the exceptions. Eventually 44 of them will fill the full-windowed conference room, bathed in natural light, sipping Singha beer and thirty-cent Red Bulls, listening to ad hoc presentations about outsourcing, systems management, dropshipping, grey-hat SEO, and other esoteric topics. Unless someone told you, you would never guess that this was a conference for successful internet entrepreneurs and business owners from around the world, that the median income of the scraggly-faced, wrinkle-shirted crowd is likely well into the six-figures.

And many of them make most of it while sleeping off their Tuesday night hangovers. Spontaneous international congregations like this are quickly becoming the norm as more and more entrepreneurs remove themselves from the grid and choose to live nomadically. The idea is we leverage the internet to scale and automate businesses quickly, and then we leverage our location independence to create a greater wealth of experiences through travel and adventure rather than collecting material possessions.

For a group of people spread all over the planet, the New Rich paradoxically run into each other quite often. There are the start-up incubators:

The Dark Side Of Early Retirement

Teenagers look up to the musical stars as role models, while the adults fawn over them. But behind the glamour and fanfare is an exploitative industry worth billions of dollars. J-Pop has become a popular genre outside of Japan due to the cutesy stars, flashy costumes, and catchy songs. In recent years, the idol industry has grown close to the anime industry, bringing in a new generation of fans.

Idols perform opening songs for popular works and voice leading characters.

Scare stories about the ‘dark web’ are common – but what actually happens when you go ‘off piste’ into the parts of the internet Google doesn’t reach?

The backscene represents the front of the palace, with three doors, of which the central and largest is the principal entrance into the house. The time is at daybreak on the morning after the fall of the two brothers, Eteocles and Polyneices, and the flight of the defeated Argives. Nothing painful is there, nothing fraught with ruin, no shame, no dishonour, that I have not seen in thy woes and mine.

And now what new edict is this of which they tell, that our Captain hath just published to all Thebes? Or is it hidden from thee that our friends are threatened with the doom of our foes? ISMENE No word of friends, Antigone, gladsome or painful, hath come to me, since we two sisters were bereft of brothers twain, killed in one day by twofold blow; and since in this last night the Argive host hath fled, know no more, whether my fortune be brighter, or more grievous.

Eteocles, they say, with due observance of right and custom, he hath laid in the earth, for his honour among the dead below. But the hapless corpse of Polyneices-as rumour saith, it hath been published to the town that none shall entomb him or mourn, but leave unwept, unsepulchred, a welcome store for the birds, as they espy him, to feast on at will. Such, ’tis said, is the edict that the good Creon hath set forth for thee and for me,-yes, for me,-and is coming hither to proclaim it clearly to those who know it not; nor counts the matter light, but, whoso disobeys in aught, his doom is death by stoning before all the folk.

Thou knowest it now; and thou wilt soon show whether thou art nobly bred, or the base daughter of a noble line. What can be thy meaning? False to him will I never be found.

Older women dating younger men; the lowdown

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The Internet is the gateway to spark a movement, and there are people with many different agendas who know this. However, often it’s not a conspiracy of mass-media or a certain group, but rather just people following where the crowd starts to go.

Supplied Time for some deep breaths and prolonged expirations. A catastrophic perspective of what is wrong with parenting only adds to the burden of raising a child. Too many parenting options and viewpoints disempower parents. There is no “normal” any more. The boundary between a realistic world and one that is virtual is called narcissism. This term doesn’t just apply to teenagers. Increasingly it has become the vibe of the adult world.

Parents share their family photo album on Instagram, twitter or social media. Parents are coerced to change their parenting styles based on likes, digital posts and retweets. Has anyone stopped to think about the rights of children in this race to fame? Maybe when our kids turn around and sue us for breaching their privacy and exposing their emotional, social and physical faults to a global audience we will understand.

Parenting is a relationship between a parent and their child. It requires time, reflection and humility.

Dating in the Dark

It was little more than a year ago that South Korean police descended on the home of Lee Jin-young in Seoul , arrested him and placed him in solitary confinement. Lee is a long-time activist who had already been jailed in the s for promoting democracy, but this time he was thrown in prison for different reasons. His so-called crime was running Labor Books, an online library of information on North Korea. Sadly, this is not a unique case in South Korea, where the looming threat of war with the North has taken a serious toll on personal freedoms.

Rights groups have called for human rights violations in North Korea—which happen on an industrial scale through labour camps and mass executions—to remain on the table during discussions.

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Ralph Breaks the Internet knows damn well the the world wide web isn’t all “roses and sunshine,” as co-director Phil Johnston puts it. The internet is ‘full of weirdos’ in charming ‘Ralph Breaks the Internet’ trailer To be sure, this is still a Disney sequel we’re talking about. There’s a limit to how twisted things are going to get. Though Ralph does venture at one point into the “dark net” which in the world of this film looks like an especially shady alleyway in a very sketchy neighborhood , he isn’t about to get radicalized by a fascist website or anything like that.

But he is going to have to deal with some of the smaller horrors we all encounter on social media every day. He teams up with Yesss voiced by Taraji P.

Dark Shadows Every Day

On Monday, I was one of 30 or so men to take part in the filming of an advert for Survivors UK, a lottery funded charity set up to support men who have been raped or sexually abused. Fortunately, I have never been a victim myself, and attended the shoot merely as an extra. It was the first contact he had had with other gay men.

Initially the date had gone well, but it ended badly and he was raped. As a user of gay dating sites, this made me think about the danger inherent in meeting men who I know nothing about, other than what they choose to tell me, which may or may not be true. My experience of meeting men from these sites has been overwhelmingly positive, and I have always prided myself on being a good judge of character.

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Brigades across the country are buying the headgear which can stand heat of more than 1, C, without the temperature inside going above 35C. And in technology reminiscent of cartoon character Inspector Gadget, firemen can use a lever at the side of the helmet to pull down a gold-plated visor for extra protection. A man models the new Gallet F1-SF firemen’s helmet L , and a Star Wars stormtrooper R Torches are clipped to either side of the helmet, and speakers, microphones and cameras can be attached to allow firemen to stay in touch.

The new headgear provides protection all the way around a fireman’s head, face and neck. The reinforced eye screen is designed to protect against flying objects, radiating heat and ‘flash back’ caused by explosions. Padded chin straps, vented netting and a combination of soft and rigid foam make the helmets more comfortable than ever before. This month they bought – one for every fireman in the Suffolk brigade.

Each requires an individual fitting. A firefighter models the well-known yellow helmet Assistant chief fire officer Gary Phillips said: They’re comfortable and safer than ever before, with full cranial protection. They’re also better fitting and less likely to come off if a firefighter falls over. Metal helmets were phased out early last century because of the danger of electrocution presented by collapsing electric cables. Share or comment on this article Most watched News videos.

The Dark Underbelly of Internet Dating

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