Japan earthquake, tsunami and Fukushima nuclear disaster: 2011 review

Fukushima disaster leaves trace on Californian wines 20th July, by Lauren Eads Researchers at Bordeaux University have traced the impact of the Fukushima nuclear disaster to the Californian wine industry, identifying a trace spike in radiation levels in wines from the vintage onward, which nevertheless remain within a normal threshold. The same is true of the wine industry. The idea was then to see if, as was the case in Europe following the Chernobyl accident, if we could detect a variation in the cesium level in these wines. Consequently, a typical bottle of Californian Cabernet Sauvignon doubled its cesium activity from about 7. In a bottle of wine could expect to have had levels of cesium hundreds of times the amount found now, due to the level of atomic testing taking place at the time. Consequently, any bottle of wine from the vintage onwards although some argue will contain trace levels of cesium , making a radioactivity test capable of weeding out fraudulent wines. See below for a full statement from the California Wine Institute.

Tsunami warning issued after earthquake off Fukushima, Japan

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Tepco said on Thursday that the blazing radiation reading was taken near the entrance to the space just below the pressure vessel, which contains the reactor core. The high figure indicates that some of the melted fuel that escaped the pressure vessel is nearby. At sieverts, a person could die from even brief exposure, highlighting the difficulties ahead as the government and Tepco grope their way toward dismantling all three reactors crippled by the March disaster.

It also thinks part of the grating is warped. Tepco said it calculated the figure by analyzing the electronic noise in the camera images caused by the radiation.

Chilling footage inside Fukushima shows abandoned city six years after catastrophic nuclear plant meltdown. Calendars in abandoned homes and shops remain open on the date March 11, – .

Could not subscribe, try again laterInvalid Email Fish contaminated by radiation from the Fukushima nuclear plant in Japan have been detected 6, miles away of the US west coast. Salmon carrying traces of caesium particles – the so-called fingerprint of the Fukushima – were found by researchers in the seas off Oregon. It is the first time seaborne radiation from the disaster has been detected off the US coast. Scientists also found the particles in seawater taken from the Tillamook Bay and Gold Beach in Oregon.

Radiation was pumped into the air and water from Fukushima’s nuclear power plant Image: Reuters The levels found were too low to be harmful however, according to Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution. Getty Huge volumes of contaminated water were pumped out of the crippled Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant following a 9. The tsunami destroyed the automatic generators used for cooling the reactors at the plant.

Seaborne Fukushima Radiation Plume Hits West Coast — How the Media Reported it Dangerously Wrong

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A pair of researchers with CNRS/Université de Bordeaux has found trace amounts of the isotope cesium in wines produced in California shortly after the Fukushima nuclear disaster. Michael.

Large waves were seen at a number of areas along the coast, however, it was not clear if they were related to the tsunami. About 8am, Japanese authorities also warned that landslides could occur in earthquake-affected areas. Fukushima Dai-ichi nuclear power plant. A cooling system at the plant was damaged after the earthquake and stopped working but was repaired later on Tuesday morning Waves caused by the tsunami flow up a river in Japan near where the earthquake struck Japan Meteorological Agency earthquake expert Koji Nakamura speaks about a strong earthquake with a magnitude of 7.

Numerous aftershocks between magnitude 4. Despite that, people were still advised to stay away from water and coastal areas. No cooling water had leaked out but the temperature of the water had began to increase slightly, NHK reported. However, it could take a week for temperatures to reach dangerous levels. Other nuclear plants are being monitored for damage.

Aftershocks were reportedly felt as far away as Tokyo.

Japan to flood the Pacific with one million tons of radioactive water

But, mortality from radiation exposure was not the only threat to human health: This figure ranges between 1, , deaths from evacuation the evacuation of populations affected by the earthquake and tsunami at the time can make sole attribution to the nuclear disaster challenging. Stress-induced deaths affected mostly older people; more than 90 percent of mortality occurred in individuals over the age of

The Fukushima incident, which took place on March 11, , resulted in a radioactive cloud that has crossed the Pacific Ocean to reach the west coast of the United States. And in Northern California, there is .

It is the third largest prefecture in Japan, following Hokkaido and Iwate, with a total area of 13, Fukushima City, the prefectural capital, is located about km from Tokyo, or 90 minutes by the Shinkansen bullet train operated by JR Japan Railways Tohoku. The population of the capital is less than , Koriyama City, the commercial center of Fukushima prefecture, boasts the 2nd highest annual sales of commercial products in the Tohoku region.

The population of Koriyama is around , The total population of the prefecture is approximately 2 million people, but more than , people have been forced to flee outside the prefecture due to the nuclear accident. In cities such as Date, Soma, Fukushima, Shirakawa and Sukagawa, a strong regional identity dating back to the Middle Ages still remains, and therefore differences in lifestyles between the regions can be seen.

Because the seasonal wind from the northwest is blocked by mountains, the coastal Hamadoori has little snow and is relatively warm in the winter. It is cool in summer because of the northeast wind from the Pacific Ocean. The weather in Aizu is very cold and has heavy snowfall in winter, but summer is sunny with a high temperature, which is good for rice cultivation. The climate of Nakadoori is between the two.

As for the main secondary industry, the shipment of manufactured goods, Fukushima is number one in the Tohoku region, followed by the neighboring prefecture of Miyagi. This is due to companies moving to the prefecture in order to take advantage of the proximity to the metropolitan area. Another important industry, commercial product sales, placed Fukushima Prefecture in second for the amount of annuals sales in the Tohoku region in

Radioactive fish contaminated by Fukushima nuclear disaster found off US coast 6,000 miles away

Faced with a litany of problems, challenges and delays, Tokyo Electric Power Co, operators of the nuclear plant, have spent months working to bring it into a state of cold shutdown and claim to have at last succeeded. Removal of the fuel from the reactors could take another ten years, according to expert estimates, while a full decommissioning profess could also last several decades. Meanwhile, residents will not automatically be allowed to return, as the region has been earmarked for a major clean-up, although the government recently confirmed that this may not be able to commence until March next year at the earliest.

Fukushima nuclear power plant has been closely scrutinised as reports flow in on the progress of the situation – Japan’s nuclear board previously raised the nuclear alert level from four to five.

Tuesday update Fukushima nuclear power plant update: Where does the most detailed data come from? Today it has been revealed that studies show the nuclear leak could be double the estimated amount when the disaster first occurred. The revelation has raised fears that the situation at the plant, where fuel in three reactors suffered meltdown, was more serious than government officials have acknowledged.

The operators of the plant, Tokyo Electric Power Tepco , announced record losses of 1. Tepco also announced last month that there is data that would indicate that during the immediate aftermath of the earthquake and tsunami, the fuel rods in three of the reactors had melted. Although it may be some time after the radiation levels at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant rose: Fukushima nuclear power plant has been closely scrutinised as reports flow in on the progress of the situation – Japan’s nuclear board previously raised the nuclear alert level from four to five in the weeks following the disaster and the JAIF warned of products such as dairy and spinach being restricted for shipping.

Explosions and reports of nuclear fuel rods melting at the power plant have meant progress on the situation has been closely followed as has the environmental effects with concerns for marine life and spreading radiation through seawater. There were also concerns over radioactive dirt found in a school playground in Fukushima.

Industry body the Japan Atomic Industrial Forum are currently publishing daily updates of the status of power plants in Fukushima which give great detail into the condition of each reactor.

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Do the hustle Oct. Real estate is super cheap. The world is watching. Well when the goalposts were placed wrong to begin with moving them is a reasonable reaction. Studies on the approximately 2, people living in the highest NBR Natural Background Radiation areas show slightly lower rates of lung cancer — an unexpected result considering the elevated levels of radioactive radon gas in their homes.

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Three out of six cooling water pumps were switched off for a test. A fourth pump broke down and control of the reactor was lost; 10 fuel elements were damaged See also: The latest end for the last three nuclear power plants is There will be no clause for revision”. The chancellor noted the “helplessness” of Japan to manage the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster. Merkel asserted that Germany’s energy policy would be safe, reliable, and independent from imports, with affordable prices for both consumers and industry.

Increased investment in natural gas plants would provide a backup to ensure consistency for those times when the solar, wind and hydroelectric sources did not meet demand. The court found that the nuclear exit was essentially constitutional but that the utilities are entitled to damages for the “good faith” investments they made in The utilities can now sue the German government under civil law. Under the agreement, the four operators are freed of responsibility for storing radioactive waste — that responsibility is instead transferred to the state.

The operators will be responsible for decommissioning and deconstructing their own nuclear power plants, as well as preparing their radioactive waste for final storage.

Fukushima was blown up by Reptilians [fully explained]

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