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Sep 16, Well, it took awhile, but I’ve added the above data to what Ed and I had and came up with the following. If there is anything significant to change, maybe a moderator can help, but I don’t know if it will be necessary. Dueber Watch Case Manufacturing Co. Notes On The Examples Shown In The Table Below The majority of the examples listed in the table were drawn from the data base of reported examples of railroad and other interesting watches created and maintained by Ed Ueberall and Kent Singer. Other reported examples are also included. The examples are subject to errors of reporting or recording.

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This was from a paper handed to me by a colleague who discovered it by chance several years ago. No author I’m afraid, but it is a fascinating read. In the attention of a number of public spirited citizens and capitalists of Springfield was called to the great advantage which would result to the city from the establishment and conduct of manufacturing industries. Even in those days men who were what we now term promoters were keenly active in various lines, and one of the pioneers in this profession was Mr.

He came to Springfield in and pointed out the benefits to the city, and the very possible and probable profits to be secured for the stockholders, of a company organised for the manufacture of watch movements. Attention was directed to the benefits which would come to the city in the establishment of an industry in which the chief expense of production was the high wages paid to skilled labor and in the bringing to the city of a large number of skilled mechanics and their families.

Waltham, MA. Walter J. Dudley and Walter K. Menns began work on a battery powered clock in John Stark’s shop in Waltham, MA in The pair convinced a group of Natick, MA investors to form Waltham Electric Clock Company in New Hampshire in June, A factory was established in Natick and the first clock sold in early

In the company name was changed to Waltham Clock Company. Additionally, Waltham Clock Company produced outstanding marine and engine room clocks. Marine clock production began in approximately In addition to Star Brass Manufacturing Co. Waltham marine movements, along with those of the Eastman Clock Company and Chelsea Clock Company appear almost identical in design and utilized escapement material apparently from the same supplier, American Waltham Watch Company.

Chelsea was the winner in marine clock production by the early s, having absorbed the remnants of Eastman Clock Company and out produced Waltham by a tremendous margin. The early type Waltham marine movements are serialized and the highest known movement serial number is Waltham did produce, in larger numbers, marine movements of another style, movement 12, with the platform across the movement plates into the early s, but production of the early marine type shown below was extremely limited as few examples are known today.

The fact that Waltham dropped production of the early design and produced a marine clock of an entirely different design later may have been due to Walter Menns’ transfer to Chelsea and his holding patent rights to the early movement design. Menns did transfer patent rights for the famous ship’s bell design to Charles H. Pearson, owner of the Chelsea Clock Company, and may have done so with the marine type. Waltham movement, Serial Number 94, circa 8.

Dating Dueber Cases

Today, Waltham watches remain highly desirable collectible timepieces. Dating a Waltham is an easy task. The watchmaker kept thorough records of its products. Waltham etched a serial number on every watch movement along with its name and trademark. Unlike other watchmakers, Waltham went the extra step by usually identifying the model of the watch on the movement as well.

This information can be used to find the year that the watch was made.

List of Antique Waltham Clock Model Names: Abbot Antique Gilt Modernistic Banjo Catalog No. Illustrated – Antique Clock Trademarks – Clockmaker’s Names Database – How To Date Antique Clocks – Dating Antique Clock Styles – Dates of Antique Clockmakers – Antique Clock Labels & Trademarks – Antique Clock Serial Numbers and Dates – Antique.

Dudley and Walter K. A factory was established in Natick and the first clock sold in early In April a group of Waltham-area investors took over the company and moved it back to Waltham. January , the firm developed a weight-driven precision regulator. American Waltham Watch Co. The company quickly acquired a reputation for manufacturing high precision weight-driven regulators. Because of continuing losses, John Stark and William Henry purchased the company from the investors in January, John Stark became president of the new corporation and William Henry, treasurer and manager.

Their continued focus was manufacturing of high-grade tall clock movements to compete with some of the English and German firms that were exporting tall clock movements and clocks to the U. Durfee of Providence, RI. In November , the Waltham Clock Co.

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A completely original example in the finest condition in every way. The Statuary Bronze case is in spectacular condition. The dial and hands are as new. The clock keeps excellent time and strike ships bells with fine Chelsea tone. Serial number dates the clock to

The First Mills. John Clark, who built the first mill in the village in and the first on the river in Newton, was born in Watertown October 13,

Waltham Pocket Watches for Sale If you are looking to purchase a watch from this manufacturer then there are a number of places where you will be able to find them. I always find the best place to be physical auction rooms in remote places. Here you can usually avoid avid collectors who will always push the price up.

If you are lucky enough to do that then you can sneak under the radar and pick these up for a low price. There is of course always eBay who sell a lot of these watches but you do need to exercise great care as I have seen quite a number of suspect Waltham watches on there. Personally I would only buy one here if there was some proof of authentication.

Amazon also do a selection of watches and there are a few other random sites that also sell these which you can find by doing a simple search around the Internet. Always be wary before parting with any money and I would never do this unless there is some type of proof of authentication. Vintage Waltham Pocket Watches In simple terms the older the watch then the more likely it is to have a higher value.

The same two principles apply in that if it is older and working it is worth more and if it is a rare watch it is worth more. They vary in price from as little as a few dollars to a few thousand dollars so it is completely your choice as to what you can afford.

The Illinois Pocket Watch Company

Click here to view additional historical photos of the Waltham factory. Their vision was to form a watch company that could produce high-quality watches at a lower cost using interchangeable parts. With financial backing from Samuel Curtis, of small-arms manufacturing fame, the watch production began in , and the first small group of watches were finished in late The first watches produced went to officials of the company, and it was not until that the first watches were offered for sale to the public.

Problems were encountered with the new production methods. The company was exploring innovative new ideas in watch manufacturing, such as using jewels, making enamel dials, and producing plates with a high-level of finish which required extensive tooling and resulted in a great financial burden.

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The First Mill s John Clark, who built the first mill in the village in and the first on the river in Newton, was born in Watertown October 13, His father, Hugh Clark, moved from Watertown to Roxbury where he died in , and was probably in Newton as early as His son John settled in Muddy River Brookline , but his father conveyed to him by deed 67 acres of land in East Parish Newton Centre in April, , about which time the son probably moved from Muddy River to his new possession.

This land was on the easterly side of the Dedham Road Centre Street , adjoining and south of what afterwards became the Common in Newton Centre. John Clark died in at the age of In his will he bequeathed to his two sons, John and William, “all his lands on the river towards the sawmill, the residue of his property to remain in the hands of the executor, to bring up his small children.

Clark’s purchase on the east side of the river was 10 or 15 years earlier than Cook’s purchase from the Indian, William Nahaton Nehoiden , on the west side.

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Main investors are the Canadian Carlyle Group Somers already owned a Somers was formerly known as Bermuda National Ltd. As well as owning BCB, Somers owns a On January 7, it amalgamated with and on April 22, changed its name.

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The Model was first made in Prior to that year, pocket watches were not made of standard parts and repairing and making the watches was difficult and expensive. The American Watch Company created and marketed the first successful industrialized watch. Before , The Boston Watch Company made and sold approximately 5, movements and 4, cases before it failed financially, and in the factory at the time there was an estimated 1, watches in various stages of production that had yet to be finished into complete watches.

In the spring of , the Boston Watch Company did not have enough money to stay running and was forced into insolvency. A small amount of the total production of model movements were fitted with a stemwind mechanism from the factory. The earliest stemwind movements were fitted with no reversing clutch on the winding stem, and had no setting mechanism; these early movements required using a key to set the time. Later stemwind movements were lever setting, with a unique design of set lever which pivoted out from the movement rather than pulling out.

Later movements also added a reversing clutch, a feature ubiquitous on all subsequent Waltham stemwind watches. All stemwind movements have the winding stem located at 3: This feature can be identified as a small screw head on the barrel bridge with the word “patent” next to it.

Waltham Model 1857

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Feb 28,  · Dating cases has come up in a few threads and it’s something that I’ve thought about in passing myself. I think it might be fun to collect a little info on Dueber cases and see if any sense can be made of the serial numbers, etc.

Early history[ edit ] Precision astronomical regulator Howard was a clockmaking apprentice of Aaron Willard , Jr. They also became known for their manufacture of sewing machines , fire engines and precision balances. About , with a third partner, Luther Stephenson, they began to also manufacture tower clocks. In , David P. In December , Howard bought out Rice’s interest and began manufacturing watches of a new design, signed “E. The Howard firm established itself as perhaps the premier American manufacturer of luxury watches from into the s.

This firm continued the manufacture of many clock styles, primarily weight driven wall timepieces and regulators of fine quality. Only two common wall models, 5 and 10, were produced as stock items, all others being manufactured by special order. Regular watch making operations ceased in , when the Howard name in association with watches was sold to the Keystone Watch Case Co.

Keystone purchased the defunct US Watch Co. Keystone manufactured watches at the location signed “E. Clocks were manufactured at Roxbury, a section of Boston, but in the early s those operations were also moved to Waltham, Massachusetts.

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Jan 21, 1. The only source for looking up the serial number to determine date and description for the post WWII period when your watch was presumably made in the book, “Serial Numbers with Description of Waltham Watch Movements”. We refer to it as “The Gray or Grey Book” because the original apparently had a grey or gray cover, not because of the mood it inflicts upon the user!

Jan 22,  · Waltham adopted the expedient of simply lopping off the first three digits and substituting a single letter. 3. The book shows that your watch, L is from the run – , r as it appeared on the watches, L – L

Renaissance Turret Clock, German, circa Spring driven Matthew Norman carriage clock with winding key Clockmakers developed their art in various ways. Building smaller clocks was a technical challenge, as was improving accuracy and reliability. Clocks could be impressive showpieces to demonstrate skilled craftsmanship, or less expensive, mass-produced items for domestic use. The escapement in particular was an important factor affecting the clock’s accuracy, so many different mechanisms were tried.

Spring-driven clocks appeared during the 15th century, [25] [26] [27] although they are often erroneously credited to Nuremberg watchmaker Peter Henlein or Henle, or Hele around This resulted in the invention of the stackfreed and the fusee in the 15th century, and many other innovations, down to the invention of the modern going barrel in Early clock dials did not indicate minutes and seconds. A clock with a dial indicating minutes was illustrated in a manuscript by Paulus Almanus, [31] and some 15th-century clocks in Germany indicated minutes and seconds.

Some of the more basic table clocks have only one time-keeping hand, with the dial between the hour markers being divided into four equal parts making the clocks readable to the nearest 15 minutes. Other clocks were exhibitions of craftsmanship and skill, incorporating astronomical indicators and musical movements. The next development in accuracy occurred after with the invention of the pendulum clock. Galileo had the idea to use a swinging bob to regulate the motion of a time-telling device earlier in the 17th century.

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Main investors are the Canadian Carlyle Group Somers already owned a Somers was formerly known as Bermuda National Ltd. As well as owning BCB, Somers owns a

WALTHAM AIRCRAFT CLOCK CDIA (CENTRAL DATE INDICATOR AERONAVAL) – Approximately CDIA aircraft clocks where produced and equipped with Waltham’s famous 37 size, 8-day movement, housed in a black aluminum case secured to the aircraft’s instrument panel.

Eastman and the family of companies that evolved from the Harvard Clock Company. In an expanding effort to help collectors desiring to obtain exceptional marine clocks, Chelsea Clock Museum will display clocks for sale on this page. Clocks shown here are clocks selected for quality and rarity. Additional details and pricing information may be obtained by contacting the Curator of the Chelsea Clock Museum.

If you are seeking a special marine clock please contact the Chelsea Clock Museum to be placed on the want list. Let the experience of the Chelsea Clock Museum work for you. This commemorative edition clock— which celebrates the enduring American spirit — is masterfully hand carved by West Newbury, Massachusetts, sculptor Vincent Harrild in the style of famed nautical woodcarver John Haley Bellamy.

Commissioned by Chelsea Clock, Harrild pays homage to Bellamy by creating original works of art that echo the highly stylized, precisely carved eagles for which the former Maine native is world renowned. Each carving in the American Eagle Series is painstakingly crafted by Harrild from year-old reclaimed eastern white pine, a large soft-wood pine native to the New England region. The artist employs many of the same master carving techniques as Bellamy to carefully reveal the rich character and subtle narrative of each design.

The production clock in an inset case included an amplifier to project the chime over a speaker system. See an example of the production clock below. This clock is the prototype of the clock below and housed in a normal hinged bezel red brass ship’s bell case.

Working Waltham Clock Oldcharter

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